About Us

Gehman Iron Inc. is a family run business and started as a welding, metal fabricating business in 1976 doing business with local farmers, homeowners and contractors.

  • Business with farmers included agricultural items including cattle stalls, gates, pen work, wagons, repairs and welding.
  • Business with homeowners included spiral stairways, railings and other ornamental iron work.
  • Business with contractors included structural steel and miscellaneous metal fabricating.

As the agricultural industry continued to shrink, we started to transition to industrial metal fabricating for local industries in the area.  With the exception of Westfield Tanning, which no longer is in business, we are still actively involved in business with these local industries.  We fabricate metal components that go into products produced by these industries.  We also do metal fabrication for their facilities.

Over the last couple of years we have added CNC equipment as it has been required to fabricate products for the local industries.  We have a full line of equipment ranging from Lathe, Mill, CNC turret punch, Laser, CNC mill as well as a full fabrication facility to supplement these machines.  We are producing parts that are national products and maintaining the needs of our local community.  Whether its a railing for your patio or an enclosure for precise electronic components that end up in the hands of Microsoft, Gehman Iron Inc. has the facility and staff to handle it.