Manufacturing and Machining

GI staffs a variety of unique minds capable of delivering a product or machine need from concept to design and function.  Production machines, single use machines, and machines centered around one particular product have all been designed here on site and continue to perform with great efficiency for our customers. See details

Complex Structures

With multiple warehouses and plenty of space available, GI has set up to produce many large scale projects. Currently GI is in production to fabricate these large 14.5' diameter reels. See details


Most recently Gehman Iron as added a CNC turning center to compliment the other machines in the line up: CNC Laser, Turret Punch, Wire EDM, and Vertical Machining Center. See details

Spiral Staicases

One of the things we try do with ornamental iron whether it be a fence, custom railing, gate or spiral staircase is let you see what you are going to get prior to the installation. How do you do that you may ask. We incorporate your new construction or project See details

Ornamental Iron

For years Gehman Iron has serviced the local community and beyond with a wide range of ornamental requests. We produce railings, gates, spiral staircases, and will work with you on your design needs. See details

Manufacturing and Machining Complex Structures Machining Spiral Staicases Ornamental Iron